• David Darrah

Smart Switches and Receptacles

The task of upgrading to a fully Smart home can be daunting, and expensive. Implementing all the ways you can increase home efficiency can appear overwhelming. Often a budget limits what we can do. An easy way to get started, even room by room, is Smart Switches and Receptacles.

Smart tech is more expensive than traditional plugs and switches, however these bells and whistles add convenience and resale value to homes. They require a little bit of time to install and set up, because of all the extra technology involved. But once up and running they are user-friendly and can easily be run from a smart-phone or tablet App, motion activation or even voice commands.

Smart tech can be exceptionally helpful for aging or injured homeowners for whom getting up and down to turn lights on and off is difficult. It also dissuades would-be prowlers giving the impression that people are home. How about automating your holiday lighting outside the home? These and other conveniences and efficiencies can improve quality of life for a homeowner.

There are many choices and styles available for any taste and renovation desire. We’ve progressed a long way from the Clapper and corded remote controllers! It’s always a good idea to have a licensed and insured electrician that warranties their work to install and set up these devices, making sure all code and safety requirements are met.

Contact Gringo Dave’s Electric, Inc. today at Dave@gringodaveselectric.com or 719-290-1484 to answer questions about smart home products and innovations for individualized recommendations for your smart device needs.

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