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UL Listing- What does it mean?

Have you ever noticed the *UL offset in a circle on the back of your electronics? It is a registered trademark of a very important organization. While UL Solutions helps set industry standards for organizations, processes and systems, they also assist industries in closing regulatory gaps and maintaining industry certifications. Simply put, using their UL logo means you pass all industry requirements and meet standards of quality. (*, Certification and UL Solutions)

When it comes to electronics such as circuits, breaker panels, light fixtures, power receptacles, household appliances etc, it is especially important these meet the safety rating necessary to be in constant use and be warranted and insured. The UL ratings help make properties insurable and lower peoples’ safety risks.

Maintaining the UL rating means standards are sustained. Losing the rating like in the case of Federal Pacific Electrical panels is an enormous red flag. The loss of this rating followed a class action lawsuit and experts testing and proving there is a huge fire hazard with these electrical panels.

While searching all the products you buy for this little symbol/trademark isn’t necessary, it is an important stamp to be on the products used in your home and workplace. It is worth noting if you see an item in a building supply or appliance department is much less expensive- check and see if that UL symbol is near the other registrations and model/serial numbers. If it’s not there you may think twice about that product if you do not have particular and specific knowledge of it and how it’s built.

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