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Under Cabinet Lighting

We often find we want or need more or better lighting in work and home spaces, once we’ve been there awhile. Room illumination we thought we could live with, just isn’t enough. While wiring in more lighting and fixtures may not be feasible for a particular space, like a kitchen or bathroom, a great way to get more light is under cabinet lighting, particularly LED Tape lighting. Near the floor it can be a great safety feature and motion activated, if a light switch is across the room, you can still see where you’re going with relative ease.

Under cabinet lighting precisely targets workspaces in a kitchen that is often limited. In a bathroom, it can help us see everything we need for our morning routines as we get ready for the day ahead. Older homes always seem to have a shortage of receptacle space in kitchens and bathrooms as well, so freeing up an extra plug with conveniently installed lighting can be a real help, without breaking a budget and getting into big renovation territory.

There are many ways to improve work spaces in our homes that are cost effective and make our common areas more enjoyable. There are many choices in color warmth and saturation to choose from as well. Lighting that is energy efficient and well placed is value added. Check out some of our happy customer photos for ideas in your home or workplace.

Contact Gringo Dave’s Electric, Inc. today at or 719-290-1484 to answer questions about under cabinet lighting and individualized recommendations for your specific needs.

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