• David Darrah

A Smart Home- Why you want it

It seems everyone has a smartphone these days. And we can do nearly anything we need with it. Tasks that used to require a separate answering machine, fax, personal computer (or even typewriter), calculator, clock, land-line phone, research library, dial-up internet connection, camera, video recorder, pen and paper etc, now can all be completed with a little box in our hand we call a smart-phone. Tasks that could take days, now take seconds to complete. We are fast approaching the future envisioned in TV shows like The Jetson’s. Our homes should keep pace.

We set our alarm clocks to wake us in the morning. Why not have your house wake up with you? Warm up the house a little, turn on lights in the bathroom, and have a nice hot cup of coffee waiting in the kitchen just to get started. This is all easily done with smart switches and receptacles and run from your phone. Have your lights turn off as you leave rooms to save energy. Motion activated light switches help provide a safe environment as well. Thermostats are also a big part of this picture. Set the house to heat or cool around the times we are in it, and not waste energy when we are away.

Home security systems integrate perfectly with motion activated outdoor lighting, electronic door locks, entry sensors and cameras. With camera doorbells, we don’t even have to run to the door anymore, we can answer with our phones and proceed accordingly. We can monitor our property to receive deliveries and expected visitors and monitor when our kids get home from activities and lock up the home once they enter. Just having the peace of mind to double check if we locked the doors without running home is a stress reducer. For the physically disabled, these things have become necessary for living independently and functioning safely in the home.

Whether Smart features are to be installed DIY or professionally, a licensed electrician should be part of the plan. Gringo Dave can show you exactly what receptacles and switches are needed as well as provide back up power to ensure there are no breaks in service.

Think about your morning, afternoon and evening routines; your home can be set up on a schedule to be ready to go automatically, conserving energy and becoming a safer environment from small children to the elderly aging in place. That same schedule can be kept while you are traveling helping deter would-be home invaders. Think about the home charging station that has become a necessity to keep our personal devices organized, charged and ready for use- a convenience swiftly becoming a need. Throw in a Roomba and the house will even clean itself!

We have long had remote controls for our televisions and entertainment systems, now your entire home can be remote controlled from your smartphone- the possibilities are endless and your safety and security are the greatest benefit.

Contact Gringo Dave’s Electric, Inc. today at Dave@gringodaveselectric.com or 719-290-1484 to answer questions about smart home innovation and individualized home recommendations for your specific needs.

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