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Panel Upgrades and Replacements

Many of us live in homes that are 50 years old or more. Aside from layout and design differences builders employed years ago, compared to the new builds of today, some major code issues arise when we begin to renovate and update our homes to better suit our lifestyles today. Simply said, things wear out and they need to be replaced. Just like we felt better in our teens and twenties, so did your house. Often, when we get into the nitty gritty of adding electrical receptacles and lighting where we need it, or adding bathrooms, updating kitchens, or creating powered outdoor spaces, we find our electrical panel just can’t handle the added power load needed and additional breaker space in panels. A panel upgrade is necessary or required.

Panel upgrades come in different amperage sizes and breaker spaces. You may have to change out the box completely and add circuits to allow for added load and meet today’s code requirements. Another possibility is to add a panel outside and sub-feed the original panel to add circuits and amperage to fulfill new power needs. You may be adding an emergency generator and need new and/or updated panel space.

Upgrading, adding, or completely changing out an electrical panel is a big job, one that requires permits and inspections, and one that requires a licensed and insured electrician. This is one of the most important jobs to do exactly right, as the consequences are enormous to homeowners and their families. In the event that they put their house on the market, there is a record of the work that has been done and inspected by the regional building department.

Contact Gringo Dave’s Electric, Inc. today at Dave@gringodaveselectric.com or 719-290-1484 to answer questions about your Panel Upgrade needs and individualized recommendations for your home or business.

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