• David Darrah

LED Tape Lighting

Have you ever noticed how stairwells in movie theaters are lit nicely to see the steps but not interfere with the viewing of the show? Or how about feature lighting in trendy bars and restaurants that highlight showcased bottles? What about adding illumination in work spaces to enhance safety? Have you been in buildings with coffered ceilings that are lit without a light fixture hanging in the middle which makes rooms feel taller? This can all be accomplished with LED tape lighting.

LED tape lighting can be used nearly anywhere, for extra safety in dark spaces. Add lighting in the kitchen under cabinets, or on top of the cupboards to help a small room feel a little larger and less cramped. Subtly brighten your home staircase so lights don’t have to be turned on disturbing others. Install it in a bookcase to highlight a prized literary collection or art pieces. Line coffered ceilings to add ambiance and soft lighting to a large room that may feel too big and too dark. The options are limitless, energy-efficient and can be connected to standard, smart or motion activated switches- whatever you need. LED tape lighting is a cost-effective option when updating and refreshing spaces to add new life to a home or business.

Check out some of the photos we’ve collected here to highlight our customers’ beautiful uses of LED tape lighting, and let your creative juices flow. Have some fun and add some needed light and safety to your dwellings.

Contact Gringo Dave’s Electric, Inc. today at Dave@gringodaveselectric.com or 719-290-1484 to answer questions about LED tape lighting for individualized recommendations and estimates for your home or business.

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