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Smart Home Integration

Today’s home builders, renovators and home owners are embracing smart home technology with abandon. It’s not just techies who like to have the latest gadgetry, many average homeowners desire the enhanced personal and home security, energy conservation, and ease of use that comes with Smarter homes. Home improvement television showcases more and more smart technology in their renovations and new builds as well. “By 2025 it’s estimated that there will be more than 70 million smart homes in the U.S., and yours might very well be one of them,” (Best Smart Home Devices of 2022, by Daniel Wroclawski, January 1, 2022).

Devices include camera doorbells, integrated thermostats, home weather stations, motion detector safety lights, in-home nanny cams and security cameras, Google’s Dot, stereo and speaker systems, individual door locks and garage door openers, to individual smart light switches and smart receptacles. Most, if not all, can be accessed with relative ease from your smart-phone and simple to use applications, or by voice control.

One of the top reasons for all this integration is increased energy conservation- integrating with LED technology, and various other renewable energy production producers. Today’s home-owners can reduce their carbon foot-print costs to a mere fraction and reduce power grid stress and consumption, as we move from a fossil fuel energy economy to one of renewables.

Security for our home-owners is more important than ever too. Being able to set lights to turn on and off to make it appear people are home, being able to see when packages are delivered and beat/catch the porch pirates, motion activated lighting/ video cams in yards and driveways to help avoid shadows where thieves may lay in wait, and the ability to double check if doors are locked and secured when no one is home. All these help give homeowners the sense of safety and security to be able to take a vacation or allow kids to be home and safe after school.

As with all other costs rising in our economy, affordable senior care resources and aging in place are coming to the forefront. Smart homes and the myriad devices available help provide accessibility, ease of use, security and access to emergency help when needed. They also help keep people connected to family and friends and community resources including medical, fire and police departments.

Contact Gringo Dave’s Electric, Inc. today at or 719-290-1484 to answer questions about smart home products and innovations for individualized recommendations for your smart device needs.

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