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Home Renovations

Home renovations run the gamut of increasing square footage, to adding rooms in an established space, or just giving your space a facelift and bringing it into this decade. Many homeowners live in spaces that are a few (or maybe many) years older than desired. It could be time to make these spaces match owners’ personalities, reflect trending fashions, or boost property value when it’s time to sell.

Gringo Dave’s Electric offers professional consults for common projects such as:

  • Adding lighting fixtures and switches to rooms

  • Replacing old switches, receptacles and lighting with Smart tech

  • Adding electrical circuit for a new hot tub

  • Adding appliance power circuit and connections

  • Adding power receptacles to provide for holiday lighting outdoors

  • Creating that backyard oasis with lighting and extra power access

  • Powering a backyard shed

  • Changing out the old wood burning fireplace for an electric or gas/electric model

  • Adding a charging station and electric circuit for a new electric vehicle

  • Adding an emergency generator (add link to previous blog)

  • Adding a much needed bathroom to your home

  • Integrating Smart devices throughout the home

  • Upgrading the electrical panel

Often these renovations bring to light a need for a service upgrade to an electrical panel to safely access more power for increased electrical needs. Many home projects, especially those designed to increase home value, require permits and are best handled by a licensed electrician who is insured. Permits and inspections matter; this is above all a safety issue and can be the difference between selling your home quickly for a profit or being delayed by expensive repairs and compliance requirements. This is important for homeowners insurance requirements as well. If a disaster happens and proper permits and inspections are not completed, insurance companies may deny claims.

Contact Gringo Dave’s Electric, Inc. today at or 719-290-1484 to answer questions about home or business renovation needs and individualized recommendations for your home or business.

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