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LED Lighting and Bulbs

Updated: May 25, 2022

LED technology is taking over, from light bulbs in our home to our automobile headlamps, wherever consumers seek affordable and energy-saving alternatives to old-fashioned lighting.

Innovators have answered the call and improved upon early LED lights which could seem harsh and hard on our eyes. Today’s LEDs are not only remarkably energy efficient but beautiful and complementary to our skin tones as well. Many fashion forward folks will remember having to go outside to see if a color really did go with their skin tone. Newer LED tech is edging out fluorescent and incandescent fixtures that bathe us artificially in flickering blue or yellow hues which can contribute to headaches and eye strain.

New LED lighting choices also give homeowners the ability to update and renovate spaces all while saving energy and lowering their utilities bill. Smaller fixture sizes that produce more illumination allow renovators to put lighting where it wasn’t feasible before. From tape lighting in dark stairwells and under cabinet lighting in the kitchen to small can lights in dark showers and extra lighting in that once dark garage workshop, LEDs are workable solutions for any need. Many options also seamlessly link into new smart home designs and uses as well.

During the recent pandemic, many of us resorted to working remotely from home. This gave us new insight into what business really needs to function. While stretching our home resources very thin, we learned to innovate and update spaces so this wasn’t a stressor but became a viable or even preferred work space … and lighting was a simple yet important part of that equation. There is a great deal of discussion and surveys ongoing about what Covid changes are here to stay (Home Innovation Research Labs, Covid Changes- Temp or Perm?, by Ed Hudson, MBA, December 21, 2021). If we’re going to do more work from home, let LED lighting improve our work spaces.

It is now time for us all to be looking at energy efficient solutions as our energy costs are only going to rise, and our income will struggle to keep pace. Finding innovative solutions to our rising need is paramount. Contact Gringo Dave’s Electric, Inc. today at or 719-290-1484 to answer questions about LED lighting solutions and individualized home recommendations for your lighting needs.

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